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Originally worn by hired mercenaries of King Louis XIII, neckties served a function as an identifying piece of cloth part of their uniform. Apart from this, the neckties also produced a decorative effect that the King grew fond of. Because of how much he liked the look of neckties, King Louis XIII made this piece of clothing a mandatory accessory to be worn during Royal gatherings. Even until today, neckties serve a purpose of being a decorative piece in formalwear. Check out our collection of Alex Hans neckties to wear to a special occasion. Here, you'll find a selection of neckties in different material: cotton, silk, linen and wool. The patterns also range from a solid hue, floral, tweed, chambray, polka dot, slub, striped, herringbone, gingham, paisley, checkered, striped, denim and houndstooth. While neckties today greatly differ in appearance to the ones used during King Louis XIII's time, one thing's for sure: they haven't lost their touch.


What initially started as a necktie trend in the 19th century quickly grew to become a staple piece of its own. This piece of accessory adds a sense of savoir faire to any tuxedo. There's a reason why James Bond always preferred wearing bow ties and it's up to you to discover with the wide range of choices available from Alex Hans. Our bow ties embody the very definition of style and class-- giving you a perfect finish to your ensemble. Whether you're wearing a bow tie to a wedding or a black tie event, you'll definitely stand out with the ladies. 

Pocket Square

Pocket squares give off an irreplaceable sense of style that only a true gentleman can pull off. This accessory originally started off when wealthy Greeks would carry around perfumed handkerchiefs they used to guise the stench of the streets and of other people. Today, pocket squares are not used in a similar format but as a piece of fashion accessory during formal or casual attires. At Alex Hans, you have a variety of pocket squares to choose from to wear along with a fedora hat.