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Alex Hans Guide to Tie Fabrics


A necktie is something that can make or break your outfit. When you wear the right one, you'll be sure that you'll achieve your goal of looking dapper. On the other hand, if you pick out the wrong type of tie, it could make you look like a clown. For this reason, it is very important that you know how to look for the right tie to wear for every occasion.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of neckties available in the market. And while you may think that all of these types of fabric are the same, there's really more to it than just how they look and feel. You'll have to assess whether or not the necktie fabric you are using is appropriate for the current season and comfortable with the clothes you are wearing. Because of this, you have to know how to pick out the right type of fabric to use for a particular occasion.

Here are some of the fabric types you should consider when you're shopping for neckties:


By far, silk is the most common type of necktie fabric available today. It has a durable material which is soft to the touch yet can withstand pressure thanks to its natural fiber. As a fabric, silk manages to retain its shape and is fairly resistant to wrinkles. Since it can easily be draped, it manages to stick to its shape with no difficulty. It is considered as a good investment for anyone who wants to have a necktie they can use anytime of the year since it is neither too warm or too light.

Because it is a very common material for necktie fabric, it is now available in a variety of prints. So if you want a playful vibe for your necktie, you'll easily find one in silk.


If you're on the lookout for a less formal necktie fabric, you can opt for a knit tie that you can pair up with a suit for a casual look. Common for knit fabrics, these neckties come with loosely woven appearance and no interlining. Most knitted neckties have a square end which is usually made of silk or wool.

Knit neckties aren't recommended to be worn for formal occasions. Instead, it is best to wear this type of fabric in a casual setting paired with your chinos and a button down shirt.


During the winter season, it's best to wear woolen neckties since they are thicker. This type of necktie fabric has a heavy feel and can protect your body well. It can easily be paired with textured jackets like tweed as they are a great choice to use instead of a traditional suit. They are great to be worn during a formal occasion held during winter season.

Linen or Cotton

Apart from silk, linen and cotton are two types of fabric that can be worn during the summer season. Commonly, these neckties are available in light or pastel colors, thus adding a playful accent to the suit. When worn with woolen suits, they add texture to the overall look. These neckties also come in polka dots, plaids, and striped patterns.

It's important to remember that these two types of fabric easily wrinkle. This is why they require lining to hold them in place.

Knowing the right type of fabric can be a big help when you're buying one. Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight on the different fabrics available in the market.